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As the holiday season is approaching, whether it is the New Year or just a birthday party of a buddy of yours, many people often think of what to give to their dear people as a gift. It may be especially difficult to select a unique present for a person, who has tried many things over his or her life. What is more, we often stumble picking out a gift to our loved ones, not to mention a colleague or a little present for a friend of ours. But if music lives inside their souls, a gift certificate to enroll your buddy on vocals or instrumental music  workshop seems to be the right decision, does it not?

Of course, we all want to play a part of a good wizard and to give our loved and honored ones unforgettable impressions. But who would like it missing the target when it comes to making a choice of a gift? On the contrary, you would definitely like this gift to be a memorable one and expose the recipient to a whirl of pleasant emotions.

For many, one-fits-all gift certificate shall help make the long-nurtured dream come true. Because not one of us would dream of learning to sing or play the guitar or piano. Now this dream may become reality by simply presenting an opportunity to visit a lesson or even a number of classes, where a person discovers the whole lot of new mind-blowing facts about the instruments and techniques, as well as learn about the tricks of trade and set their voice pitch right.

One-fits-all certificate covers all areas that our school teaches. Those are:

  •     voice;
  •     drums;
  •     guitar;
  •     piano;
  •     public speaking.

Your certificate need not necessarily be intended for single use. It is up to you to select not only the course, but also the number of classes to which it entitles. It is a truly unique offer, because it makes you super-flexible about your choices and duration preferences: from just one lesson to as many classes as you want. The more classes you select, the more you save.

It is fairly easy to buy your one-fits-all certificate. You just need to press “Buy” and fill in the customer form. But remember to indicate the selected music area and the number of classes!

- 15%

Public speaking course (12 hours)

5100 UAH
- 10%

Public speaking course (8 hours)

3600 UAH

Public speaking master class

500 UAH

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