Drums course (8 hours)

8 Klovskiy uzviz (metro “Klovska”, “Arsenalna”)



3600 UAH

You dream of learning to play the drum set yourself or fancy the career of Lars Ulrich for your little one? The drum course by Solomriya school of arts will make your every wish about music come true.

What we offer?

There are many advantages that make Solomriya the first choice option:

  •     Motivation and support from the very first class. Even if you are a newcomer and have some troubles learning, this is not a reason to give up at all. Our highly professional teachers will definitely pick the correct approach towards each student;
  •     All classes are delivered on a tailored basis. We take account of your talents, skills and even the progress step;
  •     By playing the drums, everyone learns self-expression through music;
  •     You get excellent quality music instruments and applicable gear for every class;
  •     Our teachers do have a good command of music theory, but on top of that, they all play and compose actively.

How we teach you?

You needn’t bring anything along to your class, except the headphones. Our school provides you with whatever is necessary for highly productive and efficient work at your classes. Not only will you learn to understand the simple rhythms here, but you will also be able to play them on the drum set yourself.

Your teacher shows you how to sit correctly and comfortably as you play. And you will also be able to find your individual and unique rhythm.

By completing our 8-class drums course, you are guaranteed to comfortably and confidently sit behind the drum set, as well as to play and understand many rhythms. Besides, you will also learn to invent your own rhythm schemes and to express your emotions using this music instrument.

- 15%

Drums course (12 hours)

5100 UAH

Drums master class

500 UAH

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