Public speaking course (12 hours)

8 Klovskiy uzviz (metro “Klovska”, “Arsenalna”)

6A Staronavodnytska street (metro “Pecherska”)



5100 UAH

Essentially, public speaking is an appearance before the audience, meaning above all to persuade the people to believe differently. The art of public speaking seamlessly incorporates acting skills, excellent rhetoric and even certain psychological tricks. However, here at Solomriya school of arts we believe that setting your voice pitch right and making it sound as beautiful as possible are the most important ingredients.

Why do I need public speaking skills in my life?

On top of various efficient methods that our teachers use, you will be able to improve the power, volume, vibration, sound, tone, tempo and even melody of your own voice. This becomes crucial if you get prepared for some serious kind of presentation to a numerous audience.

Our public speaking course consists of 12 classes. It is fairly intensive and you instantly grasp those useful habits that do a lot of good to your voice pitch and give it the proper exercise. The fatigue of your vocal cords will be gone forever and your voice will sound crispy and attractive.

But apart from business events, public speaking skills could also serve you well in your everyday life. The correctly structured speech and beautiful voice pitch are always helpful when it comes to self-confidence and self-assuredness. But more importantly, you will be able to persuade other people to think the same.

All you need to do is to sign up for the public speaking course by Solomriya school of arts. You will feel the difference just within a couple of classes. A certificate to visit this course will be an outstanding birthday gift – or a present on any other festive occasion. Make your nearest and dearest happy by taking some care and showing your attention!

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Public speaking course (8 hours)

3600 UAH

Public speaking master class

500 UAH

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