Piano course (8 hours)

8 Klovskiy uzviz (metro “Klovska”, “Arsenalna”)

6A Staronavodnytska street (metro “Pecherska”)



3600 UAH

Piano is a very noteworthy music instrument by its sound. It allows playing completely different music styles, improvising tunes and even writing the amazing hits. Of course, it is not an easy task to master the piano all by yourself. When it comes to it, you’d better trust the professionals by signing up to a piano course.

Solomriya school of arts offers a piano course that consists of 8 classes. This is where you learn the basics of music theory, its history and master playing a couple of simple pieces. This course is preferred not only by the novices, but also the people who used to play the instrument in their childhood, but eventually lost the skills with time. Due to persistent work and a tailored approach, preached by our teachers, everyone is able to hit the target and to get the most for their money. Some people want to play just for the pure fun of it. For others, this is an opportunity to pass an audition. In other instances, solid preparation for a concert performance or a festival appearance could be the top goal. In any case, we are all about positive ultimate takeaway and we are ready to walk along this path on your side.

Why choose us?

There certainly are many reasons why you picked the piano out of the variety of other music instruments. But here is why it is worth opting for our school out of many other offers:

  •   we use excellent quality instruments that are fun to play – these are the acoustic piano by Czech brand Petrof and digital piano by Yamaha;
  •  we assign an experienced and well-disposed teacher to each lucky holder of a certificate to study with, which is a guarantee of positive vibes!
  • all classrooms of our school are freshly decorated, cozy, light and spacious. You are certain to endeavor a lot of creative work as you stay in ultimate comfort!

Besides, a certificate for a piano course may become an excellent gift for a person who fancies the music, lives it and loves it a lot. Such a gift is good both for kids and adults alike. Due to the tailored approach and top professionalism of our teachers, every student is able to end up with excellent results.

- 15%

Piano course (12 hours)

5100 UAH

Piano master class

500 UAH

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