Guitar course (8 hours)

8 Klovskiy uzviz (metro “Klovska”, “Arsenalna”)

6A Staronavodnytska street (metro “Pecherska”)



3600 UAH

Guitar is considered to be one of the most melodic instruments. To this it owes its huge popularity and the demand for guitar classes. In many cases, people want to learn to play virtually any time throughout their lives. And this is where our Solomriya school of arts may help the dreams come true with our signature guitar course. We only hire the experienced guitar teachers. They will help you hold your guitar right to produce mind-blowing tunes.

The course consists of eight classes. Sure, every student learns a lot about music theory here. But the entirety of those theoretical things will be instantly reinforced with the new practical knowledge, whether the chords or other important learning attributes. With us, you are sure to learn to play a fairly simple song during just 8 classes – regardless of your proficiency level.

You may start learning the guitar at any age and with any training background. For our school of arts, tailored approach towards each student is the most important thing, because this is how we honor the skills and goals that a person has. And it is perfectly normal, because some people just learn for themselves, while others need to pass complicated admission exams to a music academy. We are able to help in both cases. You get professional grade equipment and a teacher that is not only profoundly competent, but also has excellent practical skills.

At our school of arts, you may choose to learn:

  •   Classic guitar play;
  •   Acoustic guitar craft;
  •   Skillful electric guitar use.
- 15%

Guitar course (12 hours)

5100 UAH

Guitar master class

500 UAH

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