Vocal course (12 hours)

8 Klovskiy uzviz (metro “Klovska”, “Arsenalna”)

6A Staronavodnytska street (metro “Pecherska”)



5100 UAH

Here at Solomriya school of arts, we are all about making professional music and singing training as accessible and affordable for everyone as possible. We offer classes both for the novice singers and for those, who already have some music experience behind their backs. Supervised by our highly professional teachers, who use cutting-edge training methodologies and implement their own experience of stage performances, everyone is sure to unleash their singing potential.

Our school offers you to embark on 12 amazing individual classes. No doubt, these would contribute greatly to the skills you already have. Alternatively, this may be a jump-start of your journey to a fascinating and diverse world of music. You have never progressed so much just within a couple of classes!

At Solomriya school of arts, we put to good use all the abilities of our teachers to give our students decent training before they are part of the important events, performances, singing contests or even festivals. With their highly dedicated approach towards the training and use of cutting-edge methodologies, you are certain to get excellently drilled for your admission exams at a music academy – if you feel the power to sing professionally!

Core values of our training process

Pushing forward individual abilities of each student, effectuating their talents and helping them work to achieve the goals they set before themselves are the main tasks that every music teacher normally faces. Our singing classes make the fatigue of your vocal cords disappear forever. You will find it simpler to hold various presentations or deliver lectures, if they are part of your job. Here you will learn to use your breath to make your voice pitch correct.

Solomriya routinely offers you professional grade equipment not only for your stage performances, but also for each particular individual class. If you truly dream of singing well and do your best to achieve this, the progress shall promptly be there for you.

- 10%

Vocal course (8 hours)

3600 UAH

Vocal master class

500 UAH

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