Public speaking master class

8 Klovskiy uzviz (metro “Klovska”, “Arsenalna”)

6A Staronavodnytska street (metro “Pecherska”)



500 UAH

If you need to speak at a landmark event or deliver a speech to large audiences, but the very thought about this makes you stutter and gives you shakes, we recommend that you visit a public speaking master class by Solomriya school of arts. Here you get a solid base of underlying skills and techniques used to set your voice pitch right as you speak before the audience.

Who are eligible?

Public speaking skills are essential for everyone, who would like to:

  •     improve voice pitch (tone, articulation, etc.);
  •     speak about virtually anything in an offhand and easy-going manner for long periods of time;
  •     learn to persuade their vis-à-vis with a help of their voice pitch;
  •     effectively communicate with friends and business partners;
  •     have a clear and distinctive voice.

Besides, this master class shall be an excellent kick-off to learn to sing or unleash your full creative potential.

Public speaking art by Solomriya

At our school, you perfect your public speaking skills that will serve you well not only in your professional life, but also daily routine. Buy a gift certificate for visiting this master class and make a surprise to your nearest and dearest!

Your voice is certain to become more beautiful, stronger and more powerful after the very first class already. Our highly professional teachers will show you the techniques and exercises to improve your speech and how it sounds and to greatly excel in correcting your voice imprint. You learn the basics of the speaking techniques, setting up your breath and voice, the role pauses play in the speech, as well as the importance of eye contact to make your speech more confident.

It doesn’t matter what you are up to: a presentation, negotiations or a job interview. Or you probably want to feel more confident in various routine situations. Our teachers will certainly help you address all of these.

- 15%

Public speaking course (12 hours)

5100 UAH
- 10%

Public speaking course (8 hours)

3600 UAH

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